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Teenage Waistband: Diabetes Rx May Fight Fat
Teen obesity is a growing health problem. The percentage of US adolescents who are overweight has more than tripled over the last 20 years. One diabetes Rx may help teens lose weight.
MS Risk in the Young and Obese
Children who are obese are at risk of developing a number of diseases. Could multiple sclerosis (MS) be one of those diseases?
Obese Mamas Pass Along Less Vitamin D
Pregnant women are advised to take prenatal vitamins to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. But their weight may play a role in how many of those nutrients reach their baby.
Is Getting Active Enough for Kids?
As childhood obesity has increased, researchers have looked for ways to help children reach healthy weights. Does increasing kids' physical activity make enough of a difference?
Never Too Young To Get Healthy
Weight can be a touchy issue and nobody wants to make a child feel uncomfortable about his or her weight. But promoting healthy diets and exercise need to start early on in life.
It's Time for Recess!
Teachers might look forward to recess as much as children do. It's a chance to let kids run off their energy. But recess is also an important daily part of children's overall development.
When Kids Snack Healthy They are Happy
Kids can be picky eaters, which can make it hard to choose healthy snack options. But keeping kids healthy and happy can be done together.
Growing Up – and Growing Obese – with TV
More than 70 percent of children and teenagers have TVs in their bedrooms. But just having a TV in their rooms puts them at higher risk for becoming fat.
Teens Under the Knife Lose Weight
Just as adults with severe obesity go under the knife for help, more teenagers are now following suit.
More Salt, More Fluids, More Soft Drinks
Much attention has focused on the link between obesity and sugary drinks. But there are other clues in children's diets about how many sugary drinks they'll have - like how much salt they eat.