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Packing on the Baby Fat
Mom’s and dad’s habits, decisions and finances generally influence their offspring’s future. Childhood obesity, which is especially high among blacks and Latinos, also is a problem often shaped by parental choice and circumstance.
Looking for the Extra Chubby Toddlers
One health concern of parents today is child obesity. Knowing what children are at risk for being overweight can help parents discuss their concerns with their pediatrician.
Overfeeding Infants Linked to Obesity
Most moms urge kids to finish what they are served. But good intentions might not always translate into good outcomes. 
Seeing Fast Food Calories
Some fast food retailers openly list the calorie content of their menu items. And young people are among those giving a glance to those potentially fat-fighting figures.
One Breath Says All About Kids' Weight
Kids' breath can tell a lot about what they ate or how well they care for their teeth. The molecules that make up their breath might also reveal whether they are at risk for being overweight or obese.
If You Offer It, They Will Drink It
It's no secret that drinking too much Coke or Gatorade can add inches to kids' waistlines. But where they get those drinks might make a difference in how much they drink them.
Your Child Is What You Eat
Parents may feel frustrated trying to help their obese teenagers control their weight. Restricting their food may seem like a good option, but it can backfire.
What Difference Does School Lunch Make?
More and more research is pointing to children's access to food as a major influence on their nutrition and risk for obesity. School lunches are a big part of that access.
Teens Shed Extra Pounds with Extra Sleep
Most groggy teens drag themselves to school by 7:30 most morning. This is a familiar sight to both parents and teachers. Everyone knows that insufficient sleep is common for teens, but few understand that it can also be the source of weight issues.
How Often Should Your Kid Eat?
It would seem intuitive that the more often you eat, the more you eat. However, it doesn't always work out that way – children and teenagers included.