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Unhealthy Effects of Seemingly Healthy Foods
Is kale really as healthy as you think it is? Find out! 
Getting Comfortable with OAB
Overactive bladder (OAB) can be an uncomfortable condition to cope with. For some people experiencing OAB symptoms, the thought of discussing the situation can be almost as uncomfortable as the symptoms themselves.
Continuing Toilet Trips After Birth
A common problem among pregnant women is a constant need to use the restroom. This need can turn into a more serious condition after pregnancy if these future moms are unable to keep normal blood sugar levels while baby is in the womb.
Toilet Trips Unfriendly to Sleep
When the toilet calls in the middle of the night, it can be difficult to go back to sleep. It can be especially difficult for older adults with insomnia.
Can Diet Affect Overactive Bladder?
Overactive bladder, or OAB, is often an uncomfortable and frustrating condition. OAB can involve symptoms like incontinence (the leakage of urine), feeling the need to urinate urgently and frequently and nocturia (having to get up multiple times during the night to urinate). Thankfully for patients, dietary changes can sometimes help ease unwelcome symptoms.  The National Association for Continence (NAFC) takes care to stress, “There is no ‘diet’ to cure incontinence.”  However, some patients do see an improvement in symptoms by making certain changes.  What works for...
Botox Over Time for the Bladder
You may already know about the wrinkle-reducing powers of Botox. Scientists have shown that Botox also works well in treating bladder problems. However, it's still unclear how long patients actually stick with the treatment and what prompts them to stop.
Botox Approved for Overactive Bladder
When the typical medicine for frequent bathroom visits doesn't work, Botox may be the answer.
OTC Overactive Bladder Treatment Approved
Oxytrol for Women, a patch that is applied to the skin to treat overactive bladder, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an over-the-counter treatment.
Up the Dose and Decrease Bathroom Urge
Overactive bladder ( OAB ) can send people to the bathroom multiple times a day. While certain medicines can help, some patients may not respond to a low dose and may feel nervous about stepping up the dose size.
FDA Approves Botox to Treat Overactive Bladder
The US Food and Drug Administration today expanded the approved use of Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) to treat adults with overactive bladder who cannot use or do not adequately respond to a class of medications known as anticholinergics.