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Genes Make the Cancer Difference
Scientists are continuing to discover that the location of a cancer isn’t the whole story. The genetic make-up of the tumors makes a huge difference in how the cancer behaves and how it can be treated.
Even Small Tumors Can Be Deadly
There is a great deal of controversy about when to treat and when to watch certain cancers. Some doctors have argued that small kidney tumors can just be watched. A new study disputes that theory.
Detecting a Cancer Stealth Bomber
Kidney cancer is like a stealth bomber. The hidden enemy can start attacking other organs before it’s even detected. Molecular intelligence may help identify this villain before it becomes deadly.
Kidney Cancer Patients May Soon Have New Rx
The results of a phase III clinical trial have demonstrated that an investigational drug helped advanced kidney cancer patients live as long as those on the current standard therapy.
Spare the Knife to Spare a Life, Perhaps
Research is more often showing that all cancers don’t necessarily have to be treated right away. In fact, watchful waiting may be preferable for some tumors. Kidney cancer appears to fall into this category.
Maybe in Animals But Not in Humans
Cancer research usually begins by performing tests on cells. The next step involves animals, and finally humans. A recent controversy involving one medicine’s effect in animals has been refuted in human studies.
New Cancer Testing Guidelines May Be Needed
Blood in the urine demands that a doctor rule out several health conditions, including cancer. Investigators developed a tool that can accurately predict cancer risk among people with this symptom.
The Three Faces of Kidney Cancer
Cancer is a survivor. It knows what to do to keep on keeping on. It hides, it morphs, it reshapes itself, it prevails. Now scientists have a better idea of how kidney cancer survives and thrives.
Unfair Arithmetic
Some ethnic groups are more prone to certain types of cancer. For example, Asian women who have never smoked have high risks of developing lung cancer. Another ethnic trend has been revealed.
Watching Instead Of Cutting Out Cancer
As imaging technology advances, smaller cancers can be detected. What we’re learning – as in the case of prostate cancer – is that surgery doesn’t always have to be the first treatment option.