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Bitten by an Organ Transplant?
Kidney transplants can save lives. But sometimes, transplant recipients are faced with unexpected complications, like getting an illness from the transplanted kidney. Fortunately, such complications are rare and can be prevented.
Some Antibiotics May Injure Male Kidneys
Antibiotics fight off a broad range of bacterial infections. In middle-aged and older men, however, certain kinds of antibiotics may cause the kidneys to start shutting down.
Rising Infection in Women with Stones
In most cases, people pass kidney stones without any major problems. Still, some patients with kidney stones may face complications.
Fighting Infections After Transplant
Kidney transplant patients are at risk of infection, mainly because of the drugs they take after surgery. These patients often get treatment to prevent infection before the symptoms set in.
West Nile Virus Linked to Kidney Disease
Just one prick from a tiny mosquito can infect you with West Nile virus. This infection can cause fever, muscle pain, diarrhea and various other symptoms. Apparently, it may also damage your kidneys.
Complications of Diabetes
It's hard enough to keep track of your daily responsibilities. It's even harder to plan for events years down the road. But if you have diabetes, you must start taking steps now to possibly avoid complications in the future.
HIV Drug Does Kidney Damage
Today, people with HIV/AIDS can expect to live longer, healthier lives with the help of medications. Some of these medications, however, may come with dangerous side effects.
Less is More When Getting Rid of Bacteria
People with bacteria in their urine may go on to develop an infection that needs drug treatment. Other people with the same bacteria will never become infected. Yet some doctors still treat these patients as if they were sick.
Cranberry Juice Helps Treat Kids' UTIs
A urinary tract infection ( UTI ) can be painful and annoying, especially for children. Here’s a tip: You may be able to treat repeat UTIs  more quickly by giving your child a glass of cranberry juice a day, reports a recent study.
Kids' Kidneys are Safe
Urinary tract infections are thought to increase the risk of kidney disease in children. Yet, the evidence of this link is not strong and researchers are now challenging the notion.