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The Drug Does the Job and Adds a Risk
All drugs have some sort of side effect. It's important to know what these side effects may be. Now, researchers are highlighting one possible risk for patients who are taking certain cholesterol drugs.
Smoking While Pregnant Lowers Good Cholesterol in Kids
It's no secret that smoking during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight or even miscarriage. But new research suggests smoking while pregnant can also affect children later in life.
Dangerous Drug Duo
If you're taking two common medications for treating depression and high cholesterol, you may want to be in touch with your doctor.
Heart Attacks Declining in UK
Much like the rest of the world, the United Kingdom has long grappled with trying to convince citizens to maintain healthier lifestyles in an effort to curb the risk of heart attacks.
The High Cost of Cholesterol
It seems like just another blood test. Then there's the results: only a number followed by that typical doctor lecture of getting more exercise and eating healthier.
(UPDATE 12/15) FDA Announces New Safety Recommendations For High-Dose Simvastatin
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today is announcing safety label changes for the cholesterol-lowering medication simvastatin because the highest approved dose--80 milligram (mg)--has been associated with an elevated risk of muscle injury or myopathy , particularly during the first 12 months of use.
High Phosphate Diet Bad for the Heart
Interested in reducing your risk of heart disease? It might be easier than you think. Cutting out cake, biscuits, cereal and certain other high phosphate foods may be all that is needed to do the trick.
Drugmaker receives FDA warning
Impax Laboratories has received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration in reference to batches of a cholesterol medication that failed to meet specifications.
Drink Tea to Your Health
Scientists have long believed that green tea is more than just a tasty beverage. Green tea has been suspected of offering a number of health benefits ranging from help lowering cholesterol to fighting cancer and even assisting with heart problems.
'Ultra-bad Cholesterol Discovered
Patients with high cholesterol have enough to worry about. But a new 'ultra-bad' form of cholesterol recently discovered by researchers may inadvertently aid those patients by leading to new treatments for preventing heart disease particularly in those with type 2 diabetes and the elderly.