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Cholesterol Boost May Not Protect Your Heart
It's widely believed that boosting your good HDL cholesterol cuts your risk of a heart attack. A genetic study suggests that might not necessarily be the case.
Statins Drop Cancer Risk After Heart Transplant (ER, 5/20, 12:30 PM CST)
One of the most common causes of death following a heart transplant is cancer that develops years later. Researchers believe they have found a new strategy for preventing it.
Risk of Heart Disease in Down Syndrome
People with Down Syndrome are living longer because of better medical care, but with increasing age, heart disease may become a risk.
Cholesterol Drugs Help Most Heart Patients
Cholesterol-lowering statins , typically prescribed only to patients at elevated risk of heart attack or stroke, also appear to benefit patients with a low risk of suffering adverse heart events.
Not All 'Good' Cholesterol is Beneficial
Most patients are aware that "good" HDL cholesterol can protect against coronary heart disease. However, scientists have found that not all HDL cholesterol benefits the heart, and some may even be harmful.
Roche Terminates Heart Drug Trial
Drugmaker Roche has halted a pivotal late-stage clinical trial for an experimental medication designed to increase "good" HDL cholesterol after the study revealed it did not offer a benefit.
Cholesterol Drug May Harm Kidneys
On top of diet and exercise, medications can help you control your cholesterol. Be careful, though. Some of these medications may pose a threat to your health.
No Need to Block B3 Side Effects
Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 , is the only drug that boosts good HDL cholesterol. Patients commonly stop taking it because of facial flushing, also known as the "niacin flush."
Does my Cholesterol Know Where I Live?
Residents of countries with higher incomes and more efficient healthcare systems tend to have lower cholesterol rates. Less out-of-pocket healthcare spending also contributed to reduced cholesterol rates.
Sanofi and Regeneron Report Phase 2 Results for Lipid Drug
Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that data from two Phase 2 trials with  SAR236553 / REGN727 , an investigational, high-affinity, subcutaneously administered, fully-human antibody targeting PCSK9 ( proprotein convertasesubtilisin / kexin type 9), were presented at the American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) 61st Annual Scientific Meeting in Chicago.