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FDA approves Ferriprox
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Ferriprox ( deferiprone ) to treat patients with iron overload due to blood transfusions in patients with thalassemia , a genetic blood disorder that causes anemia, who had an inadequate response to prior chelation therapy.
Blood Type Vs. Heart Surgery Risk
Patients with a certain blood type may have a naturally lower risk of dying after heart surgery. Two added blood proteins mean that patients with AB blood are 20 percent are more likely to survive.
Delayed Blood Transfusions Don't Mix
The standard for treating patients with anemia has long been red blood cell transfusions. That may not be the best treatment for patients hospitalized with the condition.
Blood Test May Indicate Alzheimer's Impact
For many Alzheimer's patients, the disease slowly erodes brain cognition. Others aren't so lucky and the decline can be rapid. The problem is there's been no way to identify those that quickly decline and need aggressive treatment.
Sickle Cell Success Found
They key to correcting sickle cell disease may lie in a patient's own stem cells. Researchers have found a way to use the cells in a test tube to create a normal version of the gene.
FDA Approves Soliris For Rare Pediatric Blood Disorder
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Soliris ( eculizumab ) to treat patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome ( aHUS ), a rare and chronic blood disease that can lead to kidney (renal) failure and is also associated with increased risk of death and stroke.
Blood Test May Diagnose Heart Attack
Scientists have found a biomarker which has allowed them to preliminarily develop a blood test that may be able to diagnose a heart attack by detecting a protein released in the blood.
Soy Protein Reduces Clogged Artery Progression
There may be a window shortly after menopause in which women can slow the development of clogged arteries through a method as simple as taking soy protein supplements.
Acute Leukemia More Deadly in Minorities
The Fourth American Association of Cancer Research ( AACR ) Conference on The Science of Cancer Health Disparities is demonstrating that different races live with and survive cancers at very different rates. Acute leukemia is no exception.
Stents Help the Medicine Go Down
Patients who have previously suffered from a blood vessel blockage and received a medication-coated stent to prop the artery open may have a lower risk of developing another blockage or having a heart attack.