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Protein Contributes to Deaf-Blindness
The discovery of a new role for a protein that mutates in a common genetic disorder that leaves individuals deaf and blind could explain the cause of the most severe cases of the disorder.
Gene Explains Night Blindness
Night blindness can be so debilitating that some sufferers struggle to drive after dark. The finding of a mutated gene that causes the vision loss in low-light environments explains how night vision is possible.
Genetic Link to Blinding Eye Disease Found
Genetic findings can often highlight certain populations that may be at a heightened disease risk. A gene mutation that can cause a blinding eye disease may be more likely to affect those of Jewish descent.
Preventing Vision Loss with Age
It can be alarming when your vision starts to decline with age. Unfortunately there hasn't been much you could do about it. A new method of predicting who is at risk might help with earlier treatment though.
Monitoring Eye Degeneration at Home
In many cases vision loss is preventable if patients get regular eye exams. A new device will allow degenerative eye disease patients to better track vision changes, preventing unnecessary vision loss.
Diet Can Affect Genetic Macular Degeneration
Gradual vision loss as a result of macular degeneration is primarily determined by genetics. Lifestyle and diet changes may slow the progression of the chronic eye disease or reduce the severity, according to a new study of identical twins.
Cause of Hereditary Blindness Potentially Discovered
Hereditary blindness, long a mystery in how or why it occurred, appears to be the result of a gene mutation. Scientists are now gaining a better understanding of the genetic disorder.
Eye Shoot the Messenger
By blocking two messenger RNA's, abnormal blood vessel growth occurring in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other degenerative eye disorders may be suppressed. 
Photo Finish First Year For Avastin and Lucentis
A two year study has pitted Avastin and Lucentis against each other. After the first year, the results are a photo finish.  Lucentis is 40 times more expensive than Avastin but the study finds no measurable increased benefit from prescribing Lucentis.
Game-changing Advance in Stem Cell Science
Stem cell research holds the promise of changing the entire field of medicine. But research has been hampered because scientists haven't found a way to produce enough cells that can be studied safely.