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Making a Beautiful Duet
Current cochlear implant technology offers people who are hard of hearing nice results in hearing speech. Melody perception, however, has remained elusive for those with cochlear implants.
The Better to Hear You With, My Dear
Sudden hearing loss, the aptly named condition, is a devastating loss of hearing.  This disease occurs in a very abbreviated amount of time, usually less than 4 days. Sudden hearing loss is usually treated with a course of oral steroids.
Marlee Matlin and The Starkey Foundation
Marlee Matlin may not have won on The Celebrity Apprentice this week, but she won big for the Starkey Foundation and 22,000 hearing impaired children and adults in Africa. Matlin won over one million dollars for The Starkey Foundation during this season's The Celebrity Apprentice.
Still Sounds Like Rock and Roll to Me
Listener fatigue involves the discomfort and pain felt by some people while using the new type earphones and hearing aids. Instead of suggesting giving up iPod usage, which isn't going to happen, engineers found a  solution for listener fatigue: a new earphone.
Save Your Ears
Concert goers: This may not be music to your ears, but super loud music at concerts isn't good for your hearing. Are you listening?
Drumming Out Surgery for Broken Drums
Cotton swabs are convenient tools to clean out the ears, but care needs to used, as most eardrum ruptures are attributed to their overzealous use.
Sound of Silence Vs. Sounds of Joy
Imagine watching videos on your computer without the option of sound. How about watching American Idol without sound? That is what it's like for the hard of hearing. What if the darkness of silence could be replaced with sounds of joy?
A Plan to Help the Pre-existing Condition Crowd
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is increasing awareness about a health plan for uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions created by the Affordable Care Act.
The Sound of Sleep Deprivation
Prolonged exposure to loud workplace noise resulting in hearing loss may also impact the quality of sleep.
You Need Hair to Hear
Scientists have pinpointed a genetic mutation that causes deafness by stunting the development of important inner ear hairs and nerve cells vital for hearing.